Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The latest adventures

I am terribly sorry for not blogging for so long, I came down with a terrible kitty cold and just hadn't been feeling like myself.

I am back in action now. The humans have been torturing me by putting some kind of liquid in my eyes and squirting a nasty substance in my mouth twice a day. I tried biting them, but then they started wrapping me in a blanket. I will find a way to get them back, you will see.

Today, I got Gilbert ( my new best friend) good!  The humans had filled the bath tub with water and while they were getting the little ones to put them in the water, Gilbert was sitting on the edge watching a yellow duck float around. I crept up behind him, and then I pounced! I knocked him straight into the water! Oh, it was hilarious.
He didn't find it that funny, but it was really funny watching him try to swim and scramble out of the tub.

I found the female human is good to sit on. She doesn't mind it most of the time, but when she is eating she seems to get very annoyed.  I don't see why she is so stingy with her food, she should really learn some manners and share.

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