Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The latest adventures

I am terribly sorry for not blogging for so long, I came down with a terrible kitty cold and just hadn't been feeling like myself.

I am back in action now. The humans have been torturing me by putting some kind of liquid in my eyes and squirting a nasty substance in my mouth twice a day. I tried biting them, but then they started wrapping me in a blanket. I will find a way to get them back, you will see.

Today, I got Gilbert ( my new best friend) good!  The humans had filled the bath tub with water and while they were getting the little ones to put them in the water, Gilbert was sitting on the edge watching a yellow duck float around. I crept up behind him, and then I pounced! I knocked him straight into the water! Oh, it was hilarious.
He didn't find it that funny, but it was really funny watching him try to swim and scramble out of the tub.

I found the female human is good to sit on. She doesn't mind it most of the time, but when she is eating she seems to get very annoyed.  I don't see why she is so stingy with her food, she should really learn some manners and share.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I overheard one the female human, I believe they call her mommy, talking about going to the store today. She said that the police and a fire truck were in the parking lot.

She found out that another human had left her 2 dogs in the car with the windows rolled up while she went shopping. It has been hot here, very hot; they said it was near 100 degrees today. I, being a dignified feline, am not a fan of those heathen canines, however, I would never wish for one to suffer. Why would a human do that? Don't they know we can't open car doors? Don't they know how hot it gets inside a car in just a short period of time? Why didn't she leave them home with some a/c (and preferably with a responsible feline to keep watch over them?)

I have heard that sometimes humans do this to their own kittens. It furthers my beliefs that humans are not the brightest of creatures. It truly bothers me that they can be so irresponsible, and heartless.

Heartless. That brings me to something else I have heard. It seems that in just a weeks time, not one, but two dogs have died due to their humans leaving them outside all day without a drop of water.

To you human beings, who may be reading this, I ask: How would you like it if I left you outside alone in the heat with no shade or water? Us cats and dogs, may walk on four legs, be unable to open doors, or do many of the things you can do, but we live and breathe just as you.  We need water and food to survive. We are affected by the sun and the heat just as you are. How dare you be so absorbed in your own life that you just forget our basic needs.  Perhaps you should reconsider having us share your home if you are unwilling to even give us basic consideration.


I have really begun to settle into my new home, though,  I am having some difficulty communicating with these humans.  The seem to be very slow at doing things for me. I know when it's time for my food, and they take forever to get it ready!  What is so hard about opening a can?  What is so hard about cutting a small slice of chicken and giving it to me?

Sometimes I have to take matters into my own paws.  I have found that if I jump up at them with claws out I can stick to them and climb up. They usually push me off, but it get them moving with the food. One of these days I will get directly to the food and get my own piece of chicken.  It will happen.

I have also decided the male human is mine. He does what I ask the majority of the time.  I appreciate his efforts even if he isn't all that smart.  I find most humans are lacking in the intelligence department, but he seems to be catching on to what I like quicker than the rest.

I have also found the smaller humans are much more willing to share their food with me, even if it is accidental sometimes. ;-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

An Introduction

As I am sure you have gathered, my name is Perry.  In the United States, I am often referred to as a Flame-Point Siamese or a Flame-point Colorpoint short hair, it depends on which Cat group you ask.  According to the rest of the world, I am either an Apricot or Red point Siamese, but we won't know exactly which one I am until I get to be around 1 year old when my true color really shows.

I arrived in my new home on July 12, 2011.  I was greeted by a rather undignified orange colored fellow named Gilbert.  He followed me around for quite some time while hissing.  I didn't have time for such silliness, I was checking out the home to decide if it was up to my standards. I then happened across an older gal named Willow who wasn't one for introductions, good, I didn't really wish to speak with her either.

I have decided this place will do. There are two larger humans and three smaller humans and two ugly looking things that call themselves dogs and of course, the two other felines. The larger humans feed me and let me do my own thing.  The smaller ones are often trying to carry me around, I am really not sure how I feel about this. Those dog things call themselves pugs and they are so much fun to tease. Cats Rule! Dogs Drool!

Despite Gilbert's very unrefined way, he and I have developed a bit of a friendship. I have taught him to properly vocalize when he wants the humans to do something, as well as how to annoy the dogs.  There is hope for him yet.

There is more work to do to make this house my own, but I am sure it won't take very long at all. I will be updating my progress in this blog. I will also share my thoughts on various other subjects as I see fit.

Have a wonderful evening.